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In response to the climate crisis and the immense impact the pandemic has had on culture, independent enterprises and vulnerable organisations, I have pledged to invest up to 10% of my time in the year to pro bono work that elevates the vision and voices of those who are building a future worth fighting for. A future that is sustainable.  A future that is ethical.  A future that is inclusive.  

A future that is hopeful! 

Does your work focus on...

SUSTAINABILITY: Regenerative practices, closed loop design and the circular economy, responsible & transparent manufacturing practices, recycling, reducing and re-using, environmental awareness, supporting local supply chains, 0km/ 'slow' production, etc.

SOCIAL JUSTICE: Racial equality, gender equality, inclusivity etc.

SUPPORTING historically marginalized populations: Refugees, Immigrants, Persons with a disability, the LGBTQI+ community, etc.

Do you need visual content? 
- Have photographic and audiovisual services previously been cost prohibitive? 
- Has the pandemic resulted in you adjusting to an online presence or new communication methods?
- Are the continuous effects of the pandemic threatening the viability of your business?

What I'm offering:

Photography and limited film services in sessions between 2hrs - 8hrs depending on your needs. The specifics really depend on you and your business, but in a photography or film session I could create:

- Documentary photography of your process or practices 
(For example, portraits of the creators at work for greater supply chain transparency so people can understand the care, time and effort that goes into ethical, sustainable or local production)

- Product photography

- A short video that documents what you do or who you are


I make the digital feel more human. 
You can see examples of my work here, and more information about me here.

I can help your business / product / efforts to be seen in the most authentic and bespoke way possible. In the last decade I have been involved in many not-for-profit and social impact campaigns for:

Ethical fashion brands  |  Sustainable agriculture |  Mental health institutions |  Children's charities  

Terms & Conditions

- There will be no charge for my time and I have all the basic equipment that is needed, however you’ll be responsible for any additional expenses involved in the production of the photographic or video content that I create for you (such as travel expenses if outside central Barcelona, props, location fees etc). 

- I will only consider serious proposals as my time is as precious as yours.  Applications will be shortlisted based upon the demonstration of genuine commitment to the practices and values that are working to improve environmental, humanitarian and community issues. 

- The pre-production and planning process is highly collaborative and together we can define the creative elements of what will be produced, but it’s important that you manage any additional logistics (such as permissions or permits for locations to shoot at, the sourcing of additional props or materials, the scheduling of team members etc.)

- Successful candidates will be notified by email. Ali Cameron and the successful applicant will agree upon the terms of the collaboration and prosed dates of shooting.

The link to the application form can be accessed via the button below. Please supply as much information as you can so I can make an informed decision on your application. 

We're all in this together and I look forward to hearing from you!


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