Ali is fascinated by the layers that reveal themselves during curious and compassionate human exchange.

She's a down-to-earth director with a background in photographic art and journalism that tints her work with an aesthetic that is honest, nostalgic and empathic.

Having lived on four continents, she is enamoured with capturing the diversity of stories people have to share.  She thrives in the space between control and the unpredictable and has an affinity for creating authentic environments that allow stories to emerge.​​​​​​​

From mosques in Istanbul to the Murray Mallee, she's worked on major commercial and documentary campaigns with Red Bull Brazil, Hyundai, Aldi, Qld Ballet, CUA, Suncorp Bank, Australian Government and Olympikus, just to name a few.

Ali is currently based in Barcelona.

For European enquiries:  info(at)alicameron(dot)com

Australian / South Pacific representation: Taxi Films  


Ali is a pure talent. She has the passion. She has the vision. And she's a great person as well. I worked with Ali on a number of projects as a director and early on as an editor. She gets ideas and will always go above and beyond to make them as amazing as possible. Ali will never let anyone down and will always use her beautiful aesthetic and her way with people to make the work stronger.

Managing Partner - Creative at Clemenger BBDO; Board Director - Clemenger Group

Ali Cameron is a wonderful director and an absolute joy to collaborate with. She has an unbeatable passion that pours into every thing she touches. Her eye seems to capture beauty in everything. She gets humans, and I think this makes her a wonderful storyteller. 
I couldn't recommend working with her enough.

Creative Director, Engine Group

"Over the last decade, I have worked on dozens of film projects inside and outside Brazil in partnership with Ali Cameron. Ali is a partner that everyone dreams of one day being able to find in their professional career, she is committed, she knows how to position herself, but she is also a great listener, improvises and creates very well in all types and moments of a project. 

Technically she is impeccable, always studying and trying to learn in every opportunity that life and work presents her. In addition to all this she owns a look that is unique and magical in relation to the world and it’s subjects, making everything she does full of meaning and love. 
I highly recommend Ali Cameron's work."

Director of Pequizeiro, Brazil

"Poetry and metaphor in film can have a really significant effect when it comes to social impact. There is a false dichotomy between issue films and art films. The sweet spot is when the film is doing both, and has a meaning and a purpose that's made all the more powerful through its form. The language of cinematography when at its best is very sensory and transports you"

- Tabitha Jackson